Lets Have Some Fun With Fashion This Fall

I am very excited about my fall wardrobe. We are finally getting away from athleisure , granted, I am going to still be in mine a lot. This fall, we are going to start DRESSING UP! Fall is all about campy sweaters, satin skirts, blouses and sequins! And yes, I said satin and sequins for daytime. All of these fabulous trends are to be worn during the day. If you peruse fashion shows, runways and magazines like I do, then you know it’s coming-and I am here to get you ready.

Our October deliveries are going to include all of these style trends!

We are kicking off fall with our "Bitch Please” sweater, of course. It is fun and campy, but paired with this orange satin skirt, it gets amped up a notch. 

Our Isla Satin Skirt can be worn so many ways and it looks great on everyone. In this weeks lookbook, we see it paired with our favorite sweater, a bright cardigan, a chiffon or pleated top, or a not-so-basic white button down. You can add sneakers, a heel, or a boot, and you have a myriad of outfit choices from this single skirt!

We have this piece coming in most every color you can imagine and I think it’s the perfect skirt to start off your fabulous fall wardrobe. 

I will be adding all of these looks to my fall closet.

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