L&RK Lookbook

  • Lets Have Some Fun With Fashion This Fall

    I am very excited about my fall wardrobe. We are finally getting away from athleisure , granted, I am going to still be in mine a lot. This fall, we are going to start DRESSING UP! Fall is all about campy sweaters, satin skirts, blouses and sequins! And yes, I said satin and sequins for daytime. All of these fabulous trends are to be worn during the day. If you peruse fashion shows, runways and magazines like I do, then you know it’s coming-and I am here to get you ready.

  • Hello, Gorgeous!

    Welcome to the fabulous world of Locardi's Lookbook! Are you ready to step into the closet of our fearless leader, Kelley Cortese? Discover the latest trends, must-have pieces, and outfit inspiration that'll make you the talk of the town. You're in for a treat because we're here to make sure you're always on the cutting edge of fashion.